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❝when the face of death...❞: an original story fanmix

An original fanmix based off of a short story I am in the process of writing.

soldier turner mix

soldier kaz mix

soldier adam brown mix

Gene (Gillan) and Charlie (Turner) were attached at the hip since age six, so no one was shocked when they were married. A year later Charlie is shipped off, but Gene writes to him every week. When Charlie's buddy Simon (Brown) is home on leave and finds that his apartment has been hit, he stays at Gene and Charlie's while Charlie is still on duty. Shit happens. People die. I'm writing the actual depressing shit still but wanted to post this. The End

solider mix 2


o1. meditations in an emergency | SUSANNE SUNDFØR

o2. rumours of war | JUNE TABOR
life goes on as it did before / as the country drifts slowly to war

o3. bloodflood | ALT-J
tide out, tide in, a flood of blood to the heart and the fear slipstreams

o4. the killing type | AMANDA PALMER feat. THE GRAND THEFT ORCHESTRA
i'm not the killing type, i'm not / but i would kill to make you feel

o5. dear avery | THE DECEMBERISTS
you're still far and away the boy you've ever been

o6. send his love to me | PJ HARVEY

how long must i suffer? dear god, i've served my time

o7. spinning centers | CHELSEA WOLFE
when the face of death is after me spinning / only dream of me

o8. what he wrote | LAURA MARLING
we write. / that's alright. / i miss his smell.

09. say goodbye to the night | KAIL BAXLEY

1o. love is the devil | DIRTY BEACHES

11. the words that maketh murder | PJ HARVEY
i've seen flies swarming everyone, / soldiers fell like lumps of meat.

12. lie down in the blood | ANDREW DAVIE

13. war of man| NEIL YOUNG
no one wins / it's a war of man

14. gold | CHELSEA WOLFE
oh dreamer, i never should have let go of your hands

15. the modern leper | FRIGHTENED RABBITS

16. nothing to remember | NEKO CASE
i'm ashamed that i'm barely human / and i'm ashamed that i don't have a heart you can brek

Let me know if you would like a download but there is such a thing as the 8tracks downloader
Tags: fanmixes, graphic, personal characters, short story
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