Kristen (i_luv_stanislav) wrote in threnoidias,

❝BE A NO-ONE❞: a mix

A mix for surviving the summer (or year off or week or hour, etc.) with your parents as requested by Pip for Request Fest 2013.

I don't know about you, but usually the only way I get through time with my family or their friends (usually asking me annoying and rude questions about my life — and what were YOUR plans at 22?!?!) is by listening to something loud that makes me want to punch things. Ironically, it keeps me from doing so. So that's where part of this comes from where the other part is stuff that I just connect with all of the stupid shit my family and their friends say/do. May you all get by until you're free once again.


o1. crazy (monsieur adi remix) | SEAL o2. konichiwa bitches | ROBYN o3. turbine | BARBAROSSA o4. krokodil | ST. VINCENT o5. come on, be a no-one | THE CRIBS o6. knife | CSS o7. I GO AWAY | MNDR o8. allez allez allez (a capella) | CAMILLE o9. it's alright, follow | KANKOURAN 1o. different | XIMENA SARINANA 11. headlights | CHANES


Comment if downloading, please.
Tags: mix, request, themed mix
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