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Annual Gift Giving Celebration!

Here's the deal - since not everyone celebrates a Holiday in November-January that offers up presents and since I enjoy giving gifts, I thought I would do a little online celebration rather than sending out cards, etc. So here is what I am offering: 25 people (regardless of whether they celebrate a holiday in the coming months) can request a mix and I will work on them in the order I receive them. Also, if we're pen pals, feel free to request 2 and I'll do one digital and one I'll mail you for a super special package (or if we talk a lot and aren't pen pals I'd also be willing to do that for you, just let me know if you are interested). 17/25 Open

mix: It can be a fanmix or just a regular themed mix, however if it is a fanmix please check out my 8tracks here so as to not request one I've made before. I'm willing to do a character I've done before only if your request is more precise. For instance, if I had done a Sansa Stark fanmix before, you could request a Sansa Stark Takes Winterfell mix or something of the like. You can also just give me a random prompt/description of an RPF and I'd make something for that as well.

Also, please only request fandoms I'm familiar with as I can't promise the quality of the mix if I'm not familiar with the characters or plot.

Fandoms: American Horror Story: Coven (I haven't watched any of the other seasons), ASOIAF/Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Downton Abbey, Generation Kill, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games (I've only read the first two books), It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Montmaray Journals, My Mad Fat Diary, The Newsroom, The Originals, Orphan Black, Parks & Recreation, Peaky Blinders, Shakespeare (just ask if I've read the play), Skins (Gen 1 + 2), Sleepy Hollow, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, VEEP. If there's a fandom you know we have in common/aren't sure about just leave me a comment to check because I've probably forgotten something.

Obviously this doesn't include all the films I've seen so if you're not sure if I'm familiar with a specific film you can check out my mubi here to see what I've watched.

GO FORTH! (if you don't want to comment here just shoot me a message on tumblr.)

soxdamnxcute Gemma/Boyd [complete] & Stannis/Davos
2. Lilian — Eleven [complete]
3. zarajade123 — Naomily [complete]
4. rosir — crannogmen [complete]
5. Lauren — Bubblegum Intergalactic Warrior Princess
6. dragon — ???
7. Kim — Folksy mix [received]
8. Pip — ???
9. Dasha — Amy/Dan or NY gangsters [complete]
10. Sara — Folk/Wintery [complete]
11. odette_river — Cersei and Sansa
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