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2014 Annual Gift Giving Celebration!

xmas 2014 reqs
And the yearly tradition continues! Here's the deal - since not everyone celebrates a Holiday in November-January that offers up presents and since I enjoy giving gifts, I thought I would do a little online celebration rather than sending out cards, etc. So here is what I am offering: 20 people (regardless of whether they celebrate a holiday in the coming months) can request a mix and I will work on them in the order I receive them. Also, if we're pen pals, feel free to request a physical mix and I'll mail it to you for a super special package (or if we talk a lot and aren't pen pals I'd also be willing to do that for you, just let me know if you are interested). 15/20 Open

mix: It can be a fanmix or just a regular themed mix, however if it is a fanmix please check out my 8tracks here so as to not request one I've made before. I'm willing to do a character I've done before only if your request is more precise. For instance, if I had done a Sansa Stark fanmix before, you could request a Sansa Stark Takes Winterfell mix or something of the like. You can also just give me a random prompt/description of an RPF and I'd make something for that as well.

Also, please only request fandoms I'm familiar with as I can't promise the quality of the mix if I'm not familiar with the characters or plot.

Fandoms: American Horror Story: Coven and Freak Show (I haven't watched any of the other seasons), ASOIAF/Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Generation Kill, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games (I've only read the first two books), It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Montmaray Journals, The Originals, Orphan Black, Parks & Recreation, Peaky Blinders, Shakespeare (just ask if I've read the play), Skins (Gen 1 + 2), True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, VEEP, Jane The Virgin, Outlander, Glue, . If there's a fandom you know we have in common/aren't sure about just leave me a comment to check because I've probably forgotten something.

Obviously this doesn't include all the films I've seen so if you're not sure if I'm familiar with a specific film you can check out my mubi here to see what I've watched.

GO FORTH! (if you don't want to comment here just shoot me a message on tumblr.)

1. Ashy —
Pop mix for PJ, Alex, and Kaz shenanigans
2. Lilian — Amy Santiago/Rosa Diaz
3. Amanda — Eliza Selfie mix
4. Lauren — Space Babe
5. Jenn — Something Upbeat
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