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❝dancing in the darkness❞: a draco & harry & luna post-war mix

A Draco/Harry/Luna post-war mix for dragon for my Gift Giving Celebration

dhl mix cover


o1. cross bones style | CAT POWER
oh, come child, come and rescue me / 'cause you have seen some unbelievable things

o2. under your spell | TIMBER TIMBRE
i must be under your spell tonight / but in case you can't tell / i am not feeling very well

o3. heart in your heartbreak | THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART
'cause you'll never feel so high / as when you hid in her arms in the sky and the world slept

o4. diplomat's son | VAMPIRE WEEKEND*
that night i smoked a joint / with my best friend / we found ourselves in bed / when i woke up he was gone

o5. burgundy | MARIKA HACKMAN
you hold me anyway, / all my life where i can't take you on my own

o6. dirty sneakers and underwear | EMILY WELLS

o7. runaway love (stars remix) | DIAMOND RINGS
i wanna be the light to your dark / i wanna shine like gold / i wanna burn my name in your heart

o8. you're the one (st. lucia remix) | CHARLI XCX
it's a criminal feeling / happiness cries and the tears are dreaming

09. lilith | SUSANNE SUNDFØR

1o. fitzpleasure (jim james 'apple c' remix) | ALT-J
where we tent for our treasure, pleasure, leisure, les yeux, it's all in your eyes

11. strangelove BAT FOR LASHES
but when you think i've had enough / from your sea of love / i'll take more than another riverful

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*Indicates song only available on 8tracks
Tags: character: draco malfoy, character: harry potter, character: luna lovegood, fandom: harry potter, fanmixes, holiday celebration, ot3: draco/harry/luna, request
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